Poker Scanner Camera

Miya Lee

The poker scanner cameras are so small that can be installed in a variety of personal items or devices, such as car keys, cell phones, wallets, or even lighters.

Car Key Scanner Camera

One of the latest products we offer is the car keys scanner camera. This camera can be installed in your own car keys. Don’t worry, it won’t change their appearance at all. The distance that this type of scanning camera is able to reach very from 10-20 cm to 40-50 cm. It depends on the size of your car keys. The plus is that the whole system is easy to operate – you can turn the camera on and off by pressing only one button. The system can work up to 3 hours without stopping or recharging.

Phone Poker Camera

One of the most popular ways to scan the barcode marked cards is by using phone poker cameras. There are so many cell phones that you can use together with that small camera - Nokia, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry – all of these are suitable. We offer you both – short and long-distance playing cards scanning cameras. The distance between the cards and the camera is chosen manually and can vary a lot – from 10-20 cm to 55-80 cm, and even more.

Chip Tray Poker Card Scanner

Chip tray poker card scanner can automatically scan the barcode marked cards within 0.1s. Then you will receive the information through the wireless earpiece. With the help of that small device you can easily know who has the best hands and the rank of all players, as well. The chip tray poker scanner is operated only by one person and you can customize the distance between the camera and the marked cards. This camera can function for more than 10 hours without recharging.

Lighter Scanning Camera

There are also cameras so small that can be easily installed in your lighter, and the appearance of the lighter doesn’t change at all. That kind of scanning camera can operate for almost 45 minutes without recharging or stopping. There is a replaceable battery also. The scanning distance of the camera installed in your lighter can reach up to 40 cm.

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