Copag EPT invisible ink deck
EPT best invisible ink decks
Copag EPT marked deck

Copag EPT Best Invisible Deck

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Size Poker Size (2.50" x 3.5") Brand Copag
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck box Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games, Friend Gathering

Copag EPT best invisible deck is a deck with invisible marks on the back, which is the best card magic. Here we take a brief introduction.

It is reasonable and justified that poker card games are very prevalent all over the world. Some people treat poker card games as their work, connecting their interests with work. That is a beautiful thing in many people’s eyes. Playing poker cards games not only can entertain poker players themselves but also can make a living, and earn some extra money. Of course, performing well in the poker cards game requires the poker players have the professional knowledge and luck. Unluckily, many people don’t have much time and energy to learn systematic instruction, and they always lack of success in the games. See, if you want to play well or to make poker magic cheat in the card games, you will need something to help you. Except for luck, except for the professional skills, what else do you think is helpful for you? Yes, you need to have a deck of magic cards, which is similar to the cards in the magic show. In this way, you can know each card’s suit and the number quickly, just like the magicians in the show. Here is a deck of magic cards I would like to introduce to you: Copag EPT best invisible deck.

Firstly, we need to know what it is. EPT is a regular European poker tournament that so many poker lovers like it very much. And the Poker Stars European Poker Tour asked the Brazilian playing cards brand Copag to manufacturer the poker cards. These poker cards are the trusted quality you are accustomed to with Copag and finished at the back with the EPT logo, Cartamundi, and Copag logo. The EPT has been the best known and most prestigious live poker tournaments for years in the world. These plastic cards of the PokerStars EPT are made in Brazil by Copag and distributed by Cartamundi in Belgium, Europe.

The prevalence of the EPT deck gives rise to the increasing popularity of the best invisible deck. Invisible to naked eyes but detectable to infrared ink contact lenses, the most prominent feature of the deck will add your edge in the game beyond any doubts. You can win your game so secretively that no one will notice your invisible ink deck of cards.

How magical the best invisible deck it is. If you want to know more detailed information, please click here and feel free to contact us.

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